Additional Reviews

“Dr. Letien will help you make the most of your life despite your hearing loss.”

“Dr. Letien became my audiologist when I was five years old, after losing my hearing to meningitis. His patience and demeanor makes him an excellent choice for children, as well as those who have just lost their hearing and need some guidance and encouragement. Dr. Letien is very dedicated to his profession, is always up on the latest hearing aids and techniques, and extremely knowledgeable about which aids offer the best sound and fit for you.”

Suzanne Robitaille, age 34

“I couldn’t imagine going to anyone else.”

“Twenty four years ago Dr. Letien became my first audiologist, and has been the only one since. It is this fact that stands as testimony to his dedication and skill in helping patients with hearing loss. His understanding of the trade is unparalleled, and his demeanor is warm and friendly. When I was young, Dr. Letien kept my parents informed about the latest developments in treating hearing loss, and was happy to fix any abuse I could dole out on my hearing aids.

Growing up, I have seen Cary dozens of times for tuning, replacement tubes, hearing aid repair, new ear molds, hearing testing, or just because I wanted to see what the newest hearing aids were like. As an adult, I continue to see him for all my hearing needs.”

Andy Twomey, age 28

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